Photo: Shirana Shahbazi
Dagny Gioulami was born in Bern in 1970 to a Swiss father and a Greek mother. (Dagny is a Swedish forename – one of her grandmothers was from Sweden – and Gioulami is a Greek surname. Sometimes she is also mentioned as Dagny Areti Rushton). She studied drama at the Zurich University of Fine Arts and was an actress in the permanent ensemble of the Städtische Bühnen Münster. She has also appeared in productions at the Schauspielhaus Zurich, Theater Basel, Stadttheater Bern and for many smaller companies.

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Short Films

Stage (Selection)


In addition

Author of several libretti and stage plays (for companies including Stadttheater Bern, The Opera Group, Opernhaus Zürich, Staatsoper Hannover), and of a prize-winning novel, Alle Geschichten, die ich kenne, published by weissbooks.w, Frankfurt am Main, 2015.

Catalogue of Projects

Literaturhaus Zentralschweiz

Emmy Hennings Dada with Christa Baumberger in the LiZ, June 2017

Buchhandlung im Volkshaus

Parts of the German translation of texts by Shumona Sinha and Viktor Martinowitsch.

Literaturhaus Zürich

Dagny Gioulami works regularly as a reader for the Literaturhaus during readings and book presentations by international authors (Lasha Bugadze, Iman Humaidan, Xiaolu Guo, Jón Gnarr et al).